We wish to support people and communities who are working to regenerate soils, replant forests and restore the balance of natural water cycles.


This website is in development. We are currently working towards a full launch of Earthlife, with a funding platform and community networking site. In the meantime we will be making regular updates of our progress on this site, and will be researching and networking to build a team and gather together a great bunch of projects to launch with.

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Earthlife at Ajudada

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We will be participating in Ajudada, from 14-16th June in Portalegre, Portugal

“AJUDADA is an international gathering that will take place on the 14, 15 and 16 of June. Its participants will bring their visions and skills to Portalegre to plan viable solutions for development together with the local community.”

Earthlife will be hosting a discussion on the 15th with the title “Regenerating Land, Regenerating Communities. Creating Wealth for the Future.”

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Are you an Earth Rights Walker?

I recently had the pleasure to meet Dee Kyne, who is about to embark on a two year walk to raise awareness about Earth Law, and specifically to gain support for the law to end Ecocide.

Making ecocide a crime sits at the heart of an emerging body of law called Earth Law.  Earth law puts people and planet first and ensures the well being of the whole Earth community.

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