"We support people and communities who are regenerating soils, replanting forests and restoring the balance of natural water cycles."

Many of these dedicated project leaders work in isolation, in rural areas where their actions and passions are not validated or supported by those around them. By providing a network of support, we can share dreams, doubts, challenges and successes, and connect into a global web of grassroots initiatives that together are a powerful and positive force for change.

Business for a Healthy Planet: Towards a Life Affirming Economy

Is it possible to meet human needs without continuing to destroy the environment we live in?

Of course the answer to this question is yes. But not whilst we refuse to accept the obvious fact that healthy ecosystems are the very basis of life, and as such, must lie at the very centre of economics.

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Measuring Impact – a new way!

Impact assessment plays a large part in the work of charities, NGO’s and social entrepreneurs. Providing lots of data to prove the worthiness of an endeavour has become the norm.

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What makes an Earthlife Steward?

More than technical expertise or diplomas!  The primary characteristic of an Earthlife Steward is a passionate commitment to restoring life to the degraded and depleted lands of our planet. (‘Life’ in this context denotes richly biodiverse, resilient and naturally regenerative ecosystems).

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