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1. Videos by John D. Liu

About  large scale ecosystem restoration, and changing the economy so that it reflects the real value of healthy ecosystems.

“Conservation is a way to protect wealth. Restoration is a way to increase wealth” (John Liu at TEDxWageningen)


Green Gold – Documentary 47:31


What if we change series – Hope in a Changing Climate  29:26


Rwanda: Choosing the Path To Sustainability – Short film 9:08

A longer video on Rwanda here: What if we change series – Forests of Hope


What if we change series – The Next Steppe 28:04


Restoring the Earth – Short film about the Bonn Challenge. 2:12


Crisis in the world economy. Real wealth is coming from healthy ecosystems. 4:30


 Journey into Ecological Resurgence: John Liu at TEDxWageningen 26:01


A  great discussion between John D. Liu and William Ferwerda of IUCN Netherlands, about ecosystems and economy:



More videos here: http://eempc.org/film-channel/index.html



2. Other Videos


Forests for the Future – by Ross Harrison
about Analog Forestry 3:10


Geoff Lawton, Greening the Desert Part 1 of 4



Wangari Maathai, Taking Root (Trailer) 3:00


Wangari Maathai, Planting Hope 7:21