How we work

We create collaborative relationships with Forest stewards, to support them to support themselves.

Conscious contracts

Rather than simply buy products from suppliers. We create contracts that define the partnership between us and the forest land steward or community, and which also include the interests of a third party – the land itself.

We aim to create partnerships based on mutual understanding and trust, that are aligned with Earth Law.  To support us achieve this, we are very happy to be working with Mothiur Rahman of New Economy Law to draw up our legal contracts.

We have so far made the distinction of two types of relationships:

Research and Development

In this scenario, Earthlife Goods offers economic support to develop a product that is not yet on the market. We agree to an initial 2-5 years of financial support. Provision of advice and training may be part of the agreement, if needed.
The project partner agrees to practise regenerative forest management, and provides Earthlife Goods with an agreed quantity of products that it can then sell, whilst maintaining the rights also to sell directly in their local area.

Marketing and Distribution

In this scenario the products already exist and are being sold. We enter into a marketing and distribution agreement for an agreed timescale. Within the terms of the contract, the land owner or steward must be seen to carry out actions and practises of regenerative forest management.

After the initial contract term is over, there is the option for a Research and Development contract to transition to a Distribution contract.

As we grow, our plan is also to create an Emergency Fund that can be used to support our forest stewards in the event of Fire, Drought, Earthquake or other natural disaster.