High quality products, made with love, by people who care for the forest where they came from.


Earthlife Goods emerged from a desire to support regenerative forest stewardship and to provide an alternative forest economy to extractive models of forest use. We believe that humans and tree-based ecosystems can co-exist in a mutually beneficial relationship. This applies to both the communities who live with the forests, and those far away who can benefit from the products that come ‘out of the woods’, and in turn contribute with their purchases to the ongoing health of these forests. 
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Our first ranges of products are from Monte da Vida in Portugal, which is the home project of the Earthlife team.

Forest Alchemy

Wood for Life

Forest Alchemy is range of essences and aromatic elixirs, made in collaboration with the trees and wild plants at Monte da Vida.
Wood for Life  is made from selectively harvested logs, which are transformed into furniture, carefully designed to be long-lasting functional and beautiful.

Where you can buy Earthlife Goods

Earthlife Goods can now be purchased directly from our Webshop.


We are also growing a network of forest allies, who are passionate about the forests and our products and will distribute them. This distribution model aligns with our ethos of heart-to-heart business, and allows us to grow organically. We will also be adding details of our distributers as we build our network.