About us

Earthlife was created to support people and communities who are working to regenerate soils, replant forests and restore the balance of natural water cycles.

Our purpose is to connect people who are working with commitment and passion in the field of natural regeneration, to the information, networks of support, and finance they need in order to maximise their impact.

Fundamental to our vision is the belief in a new economic paradigm that not only ceases to cause harm to the planet and its inhabitants, but actively contributes to their well-being and abundance.


  • Non-violence: We will follow the principle of no harm wherever practically possible.
  • Unity: Our decisions and actions will come from an awareness of the essential unity and interconnectedness of all life, the recognition that we are nature.
  • Transparency: We seek to be transparent and open in our communications.
  • Sharing: We recognise the value of sharing information and ideas, and promote an ethos of collaboration and mutual support.
  • Responsibility: As individuals and as an organisation we are responsible for our actions and their outcomes


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