Re-balance offers you the opportunity to balance your environmental impact. This includes carbon offsetting, but goes beyond solely focusing on carbon.


The program builds connection between people and land, the urban and the rural, through heart-centred relationships of trust and mutual support.

As well as offsetting your impact with donations. We will be offering other opportunities to re-balance your life and your relationship to the earth.


Heart-to-Heart funding


Make a donation based upon our suggested amount, or on what your heart tells you.

We promise that your funds will go directly to the communities and will be used well.

Re-connect visits and events


We plan to offer opportunities to visit the project where your trees are planted, and even plant one yourself. We will create events for activating and deepening your connection with the earth.

Re-balance with Earthlife Goods


We sell products from regenerative forest communities. Some of these, such as the Forest Alchemy Tree Essences, can connect you directly and deeply to the trees and offer you their support wherever you are.

Not everyone is in a position to be out planting trees and building soils. The Re-balance program is one way that you can support those who are doing this work with passion –  the communities of people that live in forest lands and are an active part of their regeneration.

We offer you a way to contribute to small-scale community-led reforestation and regenerative projects that are working to address multiple issues, in a holistic approach which recognises the interconnectivity of all life on earth. You have the opportunity to support communities where people are regenerating the forests where they live, but also living in a heart-connected way, seeking to find their place of balance within nature.

Small landowners and grassroots projects often do not have the resources to register within the mainstream carbon market offset programs, which require complicated analysis and monitoring.

Our understanding is that addressing carbon usage is not a magic solution to climate disruption and planetary degradation. Pollution, dying oceans and freshwater bodies, imbalance of hydrological cycles, soil loss, deforestation, monocultures of production, biodiversity loss….. these issues are at least as pressing as the issue of carbon in the atmosphere.

Focusing solely on carbon offsetting as a solution, if it does not address these other issues, is not a regenerative approach. (For example carbon offsets can be done with commercial plantation monocultures, which do nothing to improve biodiversity or to honour local cultures and livelihoods).

The predicament we are in at this time, originates in the disconnection between human beings and the rest of nature. A core part of Re-balancing our impact, is also Re-balancing ourselves and rediscovering the deep embodied knowing that we are connected to all of life.


Assess your impact


Use the carbon calculator below to get an estimate of your entire carbon footprint, or to calculate just for a flight. 

Or create your own ecological impact assessment based on an honest look at your life, your consumption, and your sense of what is a balanced contribution.

Based on comparative research we suggest a contribution of 10 pounds per tonne or carbon, but you can also decide if this feels the appropriate amount for you.

We will guarantee we will plant a tree for each 10 pounds donated, as well as work to improve water retention on the land, improve soils and biodiversity.


Carbon Calculator


How to contribute

We are in the process of setting up payment systems. In the meantime contact us and we will send you details of how to make a donation, via Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cryptocurrency. In UK Pounds or Euros.

Where will your contribution go?


Currently the only project within the scheme is Monte da Vida in Portugal. We would like in the future to also bring other projects on board – beginning with Dressing the Mountains in Green in Ecuador.

We will guarantee we will plant a tree for each 10 pounds donated, as well as work to improve water retention on the land, improve soils and biodiversity.

Go to the Monte da Vida website to find out more about the trees we plant and our mission.