Sweet Chestnut Essence


30ml dropper bottle

Lift out of despair and anguish.
Courage to go deep and face your shadows.
Creative expression.

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Qualities of the essence


A bold and courageous remedy, it supports the ability to move forward, and to focus on what is most needed.

Sweet Chestnut helps to transform our shadows, supporting us to find the courage to face deep hidden dark emotions and core subconscious beliefs, to bring them into the light to be seen clearly, integrated and dissolved.

Creative expression.
Supports creative expression, and courage to bring this expression out into the world, to be seen. Balanced use of sexual/creative energy.

Feeling stuck, in despair, lost. Not knowing how to move or what to focus on. For anxiety and repeated troublesome thinking. 
For those ready to face the deep patterns that drive them in to behaviours they no longer wish to have. Good to use combined with clear intent.
An aid to meditation. 


Water, organic brandy.  Energetically imprinted with of the flowers of Castanea sativa

20% Alcohol by volume

How to Use

Take 2-4 drops on the tongue, or in a little water, up to four times a day.