On this page you will find links related to  the topics of ecosystem restoration, ecological forest management systems, and how communities and investors can benefit from a regenerative and sustainable approach to managing land and natural resources.

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Earthlife associate projects


Monte da Vida


Projects within the Earthlife community


Dressing the Mountains in Green, Ecuador/ Living Bridges Foundation

Milking the Clouds / Argentina

Earth Neighbours / Portugal


Ecological Restoration / Reforestation


Environmental Education Media Project – John D. Liu

The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration

The GPLFR network and discussion platform

International Analog Forestry Network

Society for Ecological Restoration

Permaculture Research Institute

Remineralise the Earth

ZERI – the story of Gaviotas, Colombia

The Green Belt Movement, Kenya

World Agroforestry Centre

Centre for International Forestry Research



Indigenous rights and Forests


Global Forest Coalition

Forest Peoples Programme

Rights and Resources

International Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Tropical Forests


Environmental Economics


TEEB – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

TEEB – links to other organisations

Ecosystem Marketplace

The Global Canopy Programme

Nature Resilience Initiative (PDF)


Economic Change


Solari – Catherine Austin Fitts

Living Economies Forum

Capital Institute | The Future of Finance

Common Welfare Economy


Share the World’s Resources

Sacred Economics

Prosper –  a site for lending and borrowing money without having to go to the bank

Ripple – could potentially transform the way money moves around. Bypassing the banks.


Bernard Lietaer  – on Complementary Currencies

Worldwise Investor






Growing Forest Partnerships

Gaia Foundation