Hawthorn Essence


30 ml dropper bottle

Clarity. Focus.
Uplifiting the heart.
Lightness of being.
Letting go of struggle.

Qualities of the essence


Clear light. Seeing from the heart.

Love/Heart-centred being
Celebration. Joy. Healthy balance in love relationships. Clear boundaries. Heartiness (strong of heart).

Clears away old cobwebs and emotional baggage that obscures the way ahead.


Heaviness of heart/chest. Heart feeling weak. Lack of discernment and clarity in love relationships.  Depression.  Numbness. Greyness. Fogginess. Confusion. Lack of focus.

Read more about the Hawthorn and its many uses here.


Water, organic brandy.  Energetically imprinted with of the flowers of Crataegus monogyna
20% Alcohol by volume

How to Use

Take 2-4 drops on the tongue, or in a little water, up to four times a day.

Additional information

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