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We will be participating in Ajudada, from 14-16th June in Portalegre, Portugal

“AJUDADA is an international gathering that will take place on the 14, 15 and 16 of June. Its participants will bring their visions and skills to Portalegre to plan viable solutions for development together with the local community.”

Earthlife will be hosting a discussion on the 15th with the title “Regenerating Land, Regenerating Communities. Creating Wealth for the Future.”

This open discussion will focus on the relationship between thriving ecosystems and thriving rural communities. In many areas such as the Alentejo, depopulation of rural areas has gone hand-in-hand with degradation of soils, and decrease in biodiversity. How can we reverse this, and ensure an abundant future for generations to come?

Come and discuss with us how to regenerate Portugal’s forests, and at the same time create sustainable livelihoods for individuals and communities.


The economic system of the last few hundred years has rewarded those who take as much as they can in terms of natural resources, without giving back.

We need to re-align economic principles with the reality that we live in a world of finite resources. This goes hand-in-hand with a shift in consciousness from the sense of being a human being who is separate from others and from nature, to the idea that we are part of a connected and unified whole.

With this recognition we can focus on creating a truly regenerative economy that actively contributes to and supports the creation of sustainable living systems. The idea of economic wealth will no longer be in conflict with real wealth.

What is real wealth? We think that real wealth is the soils, fresh water, and the rich biodiversity of forests and plants that form the very basis of life on earth.


More information about Ajudada:

“We’ve all been given a gift,
the gift of life.
What we do with our lives is our gift back.”